Monday, September 22, 2008

Genting Trip .......

Exam finished should be relax and enjoy ...........therefore we choose a place tat easily satisfied human greedy desire and sexual desire place which is GENTING hahaha.

We arrived the location around 6pm and we stayed in GENTING Hotel with 22 person in 1 room ......(Believe!.. i will proof for u with the evidences).... After check in... without any preparation we direct follow our vision and mission to hit our target ( 博杀).

I choose the 轮盘 game for my initial big winner game...SUck ( 20 min RM50 gone) choice i take another RM 50 to reduce my damage ......MUAHAHa 30 minute alrdy easily win RM 100 ..from the 大小 game in 1 win7 ..Pro .. ( $ is easily to earn ) .....

Around 9.00 we went to (TONG LO WAN ) using our dinner ...after finished no choice need to achive our mission back 2 casino hit target .........around 5 am back to hotel nap not sleep ...haha

stand in middle with wearing spec is our gambler king (using 1 day from normal card become green card)

22 person in 1 GENTING HOTEL ROOM haha。。。

RM 5 casino tokens

by: Lew Khin CHoong

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Exam finished....

2 week exam period finally finished .....

this is the second of my exam finished day .........suppose i should be happy to celebrate and enjoy it but i still have some disappointed of my exam performance haiz ........ study until morning but base on my choosing question strategy i alrdy make a big mistake ....tat is the reason. This mistake can effect on my paper pass or fail ........i hate it .. i juz hope tat i can pass all my paper in this exam.. hopefully god can bless me ..

post by: Lew Khin CHoong