Thursday, June 18, 2009

UK trip (1)

.. hey dudes .. how r u recently .. glad to see u when u reading this blog .1st week passed, i am begining miss my country ,food and family. But at the same time , i quick enjoy my life here..
hihihi... okok back to my main point ... yaya juz wanna share with serdangzai ..from now i will keep upadate tis blog for my UK trip .

This week i gonna share with u which is my 1st trip in UK Chatworth house and buxton...U all maybe will not know about this both place let me briefly explain 2 u guys ....erm . buxton juz a small town for view and bulding nothing special .. but i wanna share more in chatworth house hihi .. honestly can tell u tat the building is awesome , fantasic. Actually, chatworth house is a home of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire (ISTANA)... THe house interior consist of art gallery ,statue and some oil paint Take a look some awesome picture ..



Monday, June 8, 2009

my uk life started

haha ...thks god i alrdy safe in landing ...

frds now my position is located at a sheffield which is a part of uk .....i can share with urs the weather here is damn cool even is a summer season ..

My live with 3 person in a apartment 2 is my frds another who is GUAI MUI ..(huhu) ..

JUZ had a tour in sheffield city .......(show u )

Thursday, June 4, 2009

i'm ready to flight

...2day 9.20 pm ..aeroplane will take me to another side of the earth.....(sheffield )

haiz although go there for 3 month but my luggage like go there for 3 years ("my mom apa pun taruk"...a1 bak guk teh, sadin,chinese herb zzz.)..anyway thk you mummy and daddy miss u all so much

before that i had doing some searching about sheffield ....( casino ,bar ,club ) all locate near my hostel HURRAY...

my DEAr frds and SERDANGZAI take care ya .........wish me BON VOYAGE