Friday, October 31, 2008

My turn of 21st b`day ^^

celebrate my 21st b`day with a cake name SUXBERRY!! the cake style like very cheap cake ...but it cost RM70...from secret recipe.the top of the cake taste a bit sour and sweet cheese...bottom part is like milo powder 1....=.= but after eat la...midnight wake up go toilet d...coz the cake inside my stomach wan out....tis is the worse cake i ever ate in my b`day...but i don mind tat...coz my mom waste RM70 to buy a cake for me...and me felt very happiness d...thx MOM!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bloody monday

haha juz drop here to introduce guys a new japan drama Bloody monday

This drama is talk about a young genius hacker to against a group terrorist to release a virus which is call (Bloddy monday) at Tokyo ... In show the character utilize hacker skill and intelligence to overcome all the terrorist attack it was so excited ...How he save the world ,what is the end of story ...(show time BLOODY MONDAY )

bloody monday trailer

flumpool Over the rain ~ひかりの橋~ (bloody monday theme song )

by:Lew Khin Choong

Monday, October 20, 2008

ENgland dream may break

Result out .......suck


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

MY aunts birthday

haha congratulations to my aunt wish ur dream will come true

5/10/2008 celebrated my aunt birthday at "ZHEN BOU " which is located at BAN SHAN BA with my large of relation but my family which is latest arrived ( nvm i alrdy habited when i was born). This restaurant that my aunt booking have provided K service therefore that day even though we have no talent in singing sector but we also can be a superstar on tat day because the whole of condition is alrdy achieve to maximum. All the stress ( lose $ at genting ) will throw away and juz enjoys.

When come to the birthday cake part my aunts invited me with them to have chop cake ceromony haha even though my 21 birthday alrdy passed.( i also become a 1 of the character) ...... not only like i also receive a birthday present from my cousins THKS YOU.........(damn happy) .....

Around 10.45 we back to each other home but i can feel that all of them were happy and enjoy ..


both birthday woman are rdy to yam sing

my aunt 1 of the birthday woman
" She famous song LV DAO XIAO YE QU"

The sitting red shirt woman should improve her singing skill too bad
but good try (mom sry i must tell them the truth)

This is what we are (enjoying and happnies )

our parents ...(老派)

i don care even though my birthday was passed i still wan make a wish
(what kind of wish my aunt make to effect she laugh hahaha)

chop the cake yeah........

Sunday, October 5, 2008


ARGHhhhhhhh................. 6.37 am guys u believe ten more minutes my clock alarm will be activate for

jogging announce ( MUN KIT (release aeroplane) ask me give him morning call but hp tak ada buka ..)

but i still not yet having my good rest until now y.........i think insomnia is happened on me alrdy ..

Damn this kind of thing is quick suffer i trying to close my eyes to force me have a sleep but it is

useless ..roll here roll there. Beside that, Guys do u believe now
my sleeping time actually is different

with normal ppl. My sleeping time now is from 7.00 until
4.00 evening .. So guys any solution to

solving my insomnia ?

by: Lew Khin CHoong