Thursday, June 18, 2009

UK trip (1)

.. hey dudes .. how r u recently .. glad to see u when u reading this blog .1st week passed, i am begining miss my country ,food and family. But at the same time , i quick enjoy my life here..
hihihi... okok back to my main point ... yaya juz wanna share with serdangzai ..from now i will keep upadate tis blog for my UK trip .

This week i gonna share with u which is my 1st trip in UK Chatworth house and buxton...U all maybe will not know about this both place let me briefly explain 2 u guys ....erm . buxton juz a small town for view and bulding nothing special .. but i wanna share more in chatworth house hihi .. honestly can tell u tat the building is awesome , fantasic. Actually, chatworth house is a home of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire (ISTANA)... THe house interior consist of art gallery ,statue and some oil paint Take a look some awesome picture ..



Monday, June 8, 2009

my uk life started

haha ...thks god i alrdy safe in landing ...

frds now my position is located at a sheffield which is a part of uk .....i can share with urs the weather here is damn cool even is a summer season ..

My live with 3 person in a apartment 2 is my frds another who is GUAI MUI ..(huhu) ..

JUZ had a tour in sheffield city .......(show u )

Thursday, June 4, 2009

i'm ready to flight

...2day 9.20 pm ..aeroplane will take me to another side of the earth.....(sheffield )

haiz although go there for 3 month but my luggage like go there for 3 years ("my mom apa pun taruk"...a1 bak guk teh, sadin,chinese herb zzz.)..anyway thk you mummy and daddy miss u all so much

before that i had doing some searching about sheffield ....( casino ,bar ,club ) all locate near my hostel HURRAY...

my DEAr frds and SERDANGZAI take care ya .........wish me BON VOYAGE

Saturday, May 30, 2009

THks my cousin

"Cousin is leaving for UK on next week and just had a little farewell with him. Anyway, we will be seeing him once again at grandma house on this great Saturday. Yea. reunion dinner for dumpling festival ;)
Btw, my lovely baby niece is coming too, can’t wait to see her."

All the best to you.Take care!!


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Formula 1

Friday with my frds watching F1 at Sepang .. my 1st time

wat i feel actually is damn bored while the 1st few round still ok after thirty lap something zzzz.....can u imagine total have 7x laps luckily i saw Lewis Hamilton on live at Autograph Sessions

The engine sound damn sharp i can share with u all if without wear the sound barriers i can honestly tell u tat u will be deaf beside tat my frd using mobile pnone to record it and the screen effect juz like the car have a "BLINK DAGGER" cant catch the screen zzz

wat i m doing at there with my frds juz move our eyes from left to right keep repeat until the races finish .

ferrari booth... Price T shirt around t rm70~rm420

f1 show gal ..

photographer giving our order zzz ...don smile be serious

wao we have pro photographer nice pose

the car is coming to the check point

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Can Online ADY!!

Move into a new house.. nothing inside..
Ya.. really have nothing inside.. even a small chair also dun..
no need to mention about internet.
And finally..

It had been three weeks ady.. Finally "she" is reach today..
Wondering who is tat?! Ya.. u r rite!! "She" is my internet!!
My NetSpace Internet!! The speed was 8mb.. Ya.. is 8mb!!

Enjoying it now..
no need to go school online anymore..
no need stay at school just wait for chat with family..
no need to stay at home do nothing with boring now..
can download any latest movie/drama/animation i would like to watch!!

Let's show u some picture if u dun believe me my internet is 8mb. ^o^

1. At start is 371kb/sec and just 14% only

2. Within 2 mins, it up to 414kb/sec ady 44%.

3. At the end, the speed is ady add on to 544kb/sec.

Wakaka..160mb movie just finish downloaded within 10 mins.


post by: Kent Soo