Monday, March 12, 2012


Still remember that we had a blog here?
Suddenly come back to read blog when i doing my assignment.
It really meaningful to me even though the last post was 3 years ago. haha..

Reading back to some of our writing, the memory is continues poping out under the deeper of the brain.
Really miss those time such like,

Some one car was broken down,
Chit-chating at the mamak stall,
Walking together at the shopping complex or night market and more..

Try to check back what have u written down last time, and see is that still the same now.
This really is a go place for us to remind and re-evaluate ourself for the past and the future.
Hope this blog will reactive instead of let it keep dead silently.

Don't forget try to squeeze some time for dear friends that care about u, loving u, or thinking of u even that how are u busy fighting or ur own life.
Always remember that, there will have a lot of lough no matter whenever or wherever as long as when everyone is stay together.

Group Picture - Chok Face, Sungai Pisang, Dec 2011