Sunday, July 6, 2008

Melbourne Trip 1

So sad.. No one is post something here. T__T
Where the hell u all doing?!

Never mind, since no one post something then just let me do it by myself lol.

What i going to post is the Melbourne Trip i had last two week.

Yeah!! This is how Melbourne look like.

Yup, it is totally big different compare to the kampung where i staying now.
All around the city is the high risk building.

Night view of Melbourne

This picture i took on a
88 floor high well-known building - Eureka SkyDeck
Which one is Eureka SkyDeck? The top picture, right hand side tallest that one.

How does it look like? Is it nice?
Answer is yes!
I tell u, Melbourne really nicer than Launceston many many!

It just like the K.L. life style.
Many Asian, many leng mei mei, many delicious food and many many..

And what else in Melbourne..
hehe.. no worries, will post more picture and tell u more soon..

Wait wait.. one more picture..

By: Kent Soo

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沙登仔部落格!! said...

tat is motel or storeroom o....