Monday, August 4, 2008

Wild architects !!

Today just finish did my presentation for the first assignment.
Feel relax right now. hehe. ^^

The purpose i blog here is to show my work that used the photoshop software to create my front page of my first assignment.

haha.. Wild Architects!!
What do you think about my skill of photoshop?
leave me some comment ya.

This assignment we worked in a group
Besides that, we also got the engineering student to help us to calculate structure whether can support our design or not.
But the engineering student got limited knowledge.
They not even can't help us, they said our design SUCKS!!
What the F**k are they!!
(Choong, you don't try to do that when next time you got chance to collaborate with anyone ya.)
They don't know how to calculate the structure and restrict us to do the square or box form only.

But, at the end we also accept some of their comment to make our design uninteresting.
Minus some design mark and get back some teamwork mark from the engineering student.
haiz.. there have no choice..

now come to see my design for the building.
square square one..
combination of autocad and photoshop.
this one nicer than the top one right? hehe..

by Kent Soo

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沙登仔部落格!! said...

Ok wat ur design ,still nice ma ....actually i also will suggest to change the building design become square become as i know the square is most easily to calculate..coz before it i also have pass through on building part calculation i know all base on momment and the total must be equal if not ur building will not safe .......ei if can post ur calculation part to me references ..