Saturday, November 1, 2008

Start to countdown..

1st of all have to apologize to choong..
long time didn't update our blog ady..
cos i really busy.. do assignment like cannot finish one..
U know la, Uni life is much more difference when compare to college life one..
so.. don't blame me long time didn't update our blog wor.. :P

okie, i come back to my topic here...
Yesh.. Yesh.. Yesh..
i start my holiday today.. Yeah!!
At the same time, i also start to countdown that the no. of day i going back to malaysia...
when i go back!? 23rd of Nov..
Still got how many days!? hehe.. still got 22 days...
very soon i will meet u all again in malaysia..

Ok.. mayb u all will ask me what will i do for my holiday while waiting go back to malaysia..
erm.. erm.. i have no idea also..
cos my original plan had been broken..
my original plan is work as part time farm worker while i waiting to go back malaysia.
but now only got 22-- days, where got farm wanna to hire me wor..
work not enough one month then have to cabut ady..
give u aslo do want la.. i'm i rite?!
so.. i can't earn some money to bring back malayis lo..
No money to bring back malaysia = no money enjoy life when go back to malaysia = no souviner to bring back malaysia.
so.. i have no choice and u all have no souviner lo..

So far.. i have been here for 10 months ady..
when i refresh back my memory..
i found out that, i had done alot of thing within this ten months except doing the assignment..
there are include alot of time of potluck, tarvelling in tasmania/melbourne, attended few function held by school and many many..

So, i will keep blogging within this fews week to upload some photo what i had did within this ten months..
wait me for next time blogging ya..

By Kent Soo

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