Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hiker experince

Saturday ......suppose this morning is my jogging day but something different is hiking instead of jogging ........As a begining i thought hiking is kind of easily sport as HK drama showing ( juz follow the road until the peak) ......i can honestly tell u that is bullshit...

COme back to our journey ..this journey of hiker invovled WAi ,me hou, kit ,weng seng, huan,kent,hao... The hiking spend 2hour that was quick suffering but we still successed until the peak WUAHAHAH .(oppsss.. forgot weng seng is 1 of the hiker tat failed haha but NVM good try )...The road is wet and easily felt down like WAi did haha ..Addditonal i was suprise that saw my uncle at there ..After finished hiking we ate DIM SUM at BIG castle huhu .( meaningful day o)

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