Wednesday, February 11, 2009

CNY period

haha 1st i wanna said is GONG xi fatt choy to all my frd and relative....this post will show what the the writter did who is ME during CNY .. LEt me figured out it

初一 until 初三

This is 初二 that we using dinner at 新村 after gambling at Wai's house

Wat i did during 初三haha ( went Genting take angpau from MR lim lo) but before tat we went to BENTOng "FAT BIG KING " 's grandparent house 拜年 . The photo take at BENTONG 野味 restaurant .

初五 until 元宵

This photo taked by cousin while i am testing a wine.. Am i look pro ?

初五 my grandpa birthday , we went to U-LIK restaurant celebrate after tat haha straight went to basement 开台

This video shown while at U LIK restaurant LOU SANg


Follow my friends back IPoh .. i enjoy this Ipoh trip
1st we along to Bidor to my frd's house ... u can see below photo tat i carrying name is " 龙仔"
.Evening we went to TANJUNG TUALang ate HO HA syok betul delicious..(this is my 1st time).NIght we went to CC buka round after tat ( this part i will skip futher information will be privated sry>.<) ..... love Ipoh 牙菜鸡 and "Duck noodles" also . Special thks OLD MAN and drivers


took this photo when we ready to back

Enjoying cheers "TIGER"

Healthy life style i love it.......... hiking again but this time the lv is higher than last time ...Hiking players Owner , TEONg ,kien wah, LAI , Wai hon .. this hill contain 6 station and the deeper inside have a waterfall .. we take around 1 and half hour to the waterfall( good stamina haha) . After tat the funny thing happened we entrance at Cheras location but we out from AMpang haha .. luckily one of my frd stay at AMPang if not .. I think the less photo will show u ...

Tired.. after arrived station 6 but waterfall need 3o min more haiz

we are TOP model

The 3 person was enjoying their free massage

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