Sunday, April 5, 2009

Formula 1

Friday with my frds watching F1 at Sepang .. my 1st time

wat i feel actually is damn bored while the 1st few round still ok after thirty lap something zzzz.....can u imagine total have 7x laps luckily i saw Lewis Hamilton on live at Autograph Sessions

The engine sound damn sharp i can share with u all if without wear the sound barriers i can honestly tell u tat u will be deaf beside tat my frd using mobile pnone to record it and the screen effect juz like the car have a "BLINK DAGGER" cant catch the screen zzz

wat i m doing at there with my frds juz move our eyes from left to right keep repeat until the races finish .

ferrari booth... Price T shirt around t rm70~rm420

f1 show gal ..

photographer giving our order zzz ...don smile be serious

wao we have pro photographer nice pose

the car is coming to the check point


沙登仔部落格!! said...

Kent: Choong ar!!! How many years u worn ur blue T-shirt?! 1st time go watch F1 also wear like tat meh.. Those show gal aslo dun wan to take photo to u ady lo, just dunno how to reject u only.

沙登仔部落格!! said...

sky_walker :zzz blue shirt is my luckily colour and the show gal is enjoying take photo with me