Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wat i wan?GOD please tell me when i dreaming HAha!!

Haiz life so boring 4 me nw! Everydays do same thing work work work doing like robot laaaaaaaaa. Who know my future is like wat ??Sooooo confused ayoyo
Want 21 years old liao but life still like nothing change so gagal la
So miss at school time no nid worry anything just play play play onli Soooo good!!
Must be change my life liao is no who know wat happen 2molo ? Is like china 四川 earthquake than so late 2 do anything wan 2 do liao!! Is malaysia happen earthquake like china i think dont hav malaysia liao
Wan go travel wan go relax laaaaaaaaaa...anyone wan go travel ?we go 2geter haha
Okla dunno wan write wat liao............................1st time write this stupid thing haha
by sohu


沙登仔部落格!! said...

GOOD try la ur 1st time ..... don worry KOTA KINABALU is waiting us ...

沙登仔部落格!! said...

Kent: Good try dude..
Everyone has their "1st
Since u said u dunno what to do..
I suggest u take a
english course to improveur yr
This is what i think after read
ur blog..
It doesn't mean poor..
Just not good enough only..
hehe :P
add oil lol.. ~~cheer~~