Monday, May 19, 2008

Wesak day!!!

Today is a public holiday, i sleep until 11am, still very tired..!!!! After i wake up, prepared myself then going out with Choong, Kit, Weihao, and Soo Huan. All is secondary school Buddy!!! Very happy that we still can hang out like before although we seldom contact ard , because all bz on thier own thing ard.

Finally this public holiday let us can hang out together, As usual we parking inside Times square then walk to low yat having lunch at 'Tong Lo Wan'. the menu had changed of course the price also change, expensive abit than last time. All innovate is costs!!!!! haha

Around 3.10pm we walk out from ''Tong Lo Wan' then head to the Times Square Watch Narnia at 3.30pm. Duration of this movie is 2.30hrs, a nice movie!! Got Centaur, Morphing, Threaten, some Dota character inside. Dota kaki will knew it lo..haha!!

Around 6.30pm we walk to sungei wang shopping. i bought 2 T-shirt costs me RM50.oo :( . Wei hao also have bought something, then we go to look for shoes, as Soo Huan wanted to buy a shoes. OF course i wanted to ''8'' gather, then i go to try a boot. Its nice but costs around RM400. Very pain!!! then i faster to put it back. after that the salesman take another leather shoes let me try, It very nice, i like it, but its Costs RM 308 after discount!!!! Pain again, but i still tried for few time then pass to kit tried. hehe!! We like that shoes, but never bought it. We walk n walk around in Shoes shop, but Soo huan Can't look for his shoes. So we decide go for dinner. Cos ard 7++ going to 8pm.

After that i lead them to behind the Times Square building eat 'ye mei'. Very famous ''coconut chicken'. Knw what?? Dunno?? Then u may go tried for it, very delicious and full of ppl geh!! But me and Choong only eat ''Pan mee''. Cos i plan to eat Pan mee only..!! hehe. Kit having ''coconut chicken''. Soo huan n Wei hao having 'medicinal materials's chicken''.

45min later, we finished our dinner, then walk back to times Square to take back our car. We going back to Serdang's Pasar Malam with Weng seng and Chan Hou. While we walking in Pasar Malam, we saw Lik Mun and his GF. very long time never saw him le, His hair very long ard.
We meet up weng seng and chan hou in out ''Lou Di Fang'' Old place. all of us knw where is there rite??? hehe!!

while we chit-chating there, Weng Seng ordered laksa. When i saw it, i also ordered it, as u guy knew?? i just had my dinner 1 hours b4...!!! i'm full but i wanted to eat, it attracting me. i still can finished it. hehe!!! I'm Very full until lazy to move.

After that weng going to buy ''smelly's tau fu'', and share with choong and Chan hou. Choong's face was very funny when he eating the ''smelly tau fu''. Choong is ut 1st time??? haha! i didn't touch it.

Finished the tau fu, we paid and going back le.!! Kit send Soo huan back to his house then send us to his place to change Choong's car going back home.

i reach home about 10++. Still got time then i write a blog here lo!! This blog is 1 of our title while we chating at pasar malam. So i decide to write something here.

My english not that good, wish u guy can knw what i wrote here lo..ok??

GOod Night!!

Serdang Zai!!

<----- Here We are!!!!

Have a look ba!!

top: Ben , and Hou

Mid frm left: Choong, Kit, Duck, Forget, Mun CHoong

Btm Frm Left: Weng seng and Wai

Friendship nvr End!!!


沙登仔部落格!! said...

Kent : Don't show off here!! miss all the thing u wrote down over here so much!! hate u!! :P Where is the restaurant ?! Why u never bring me there b4 !? Next time when i go back. bring me there and treat me a meal ya. hehe :)

沙登仔部落格!! said...

>.< good ........our serdangzai blog 1st step alrdy cross it hope serdangzai hyper active and support this blogger.........加油!