Tuesday, June 3, 2008

1 U ..........(>.<)'''' Steady day

( SOHAI lost the ticket)


Haha .....Sunday of course member of SZAS sure got some programs...HOHO finally nudge me liao ....GENg .......Went to 1 U shopping .... Since i am a steady man therefore i contribute my NGV car....but a same problem i was facing in friday which is NO GAs haha .....Since my car alrdy take 2 steady man so become steady x3, we din diao 1st direct "LUT" to SS 2 using our lunch ......(restaurant LONG XI FU ) .......After we finished ,HAm 7 need worry about the gas again but now another problem we facing is we get loses +no gas = Fucking steady liao ......then no choice we follow the sideboard .. the sideboard name (JALAN HARAPAN )...REally is JALAN HARAPAN we find the way out and have a petrol station can add gas ... ( the part on the way)

TAt day 1 U have event ......we saw HK actor LAICI ( we stun 2 sec) ....then SOHU bought he noob tense ...time pass too faz alrdy 6 is time using dinner.....1st we decide go JApanese restaurant but dunno which steady LOu said went to Chili bar restaurant eat ...since he steady we also follow him steady .....ham 7 1 coke RM 5 but free refill and the stick fucking expensive ....my nudget 22.50 ....SOhu chicken 24.xx KIt lamb shoulder same with sohu ....But the food we ate until wan vomit quantity enough ..(not bad). After using we wan back liao but the bad thing is happened the KIt lost the packing ticket (REally Lemah ticket also can lost SOHAI ).......penalty RM20.....

Restaurant CHILI BAR

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沙登仔部落格!! said...

kent: damn nice man!! so many thing happen in one day!! LONG XI FU & CHILI BAR i also din try it before!! Too steady will lose direction and lack of gas one.. =.='' met HK actor - laici!! and lost ticket !! is tat a good day or bad day ?! haha !!