Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Last sunday is lucky , funny,good , bad lucky day!!
Last sunday we go 1U(choong,kit N me) .Choong fetch us go thr by his ngv car(wan finish gas liao de)GenG!! Choong say dont worry can tahan de. So we go SS2 1st find restaurant LONG XI FU eat our lunch coz choong say want eat durian cake!! we arrive at restaurant than find place sit N order food. Choong order durian cake but the staff say didnt hav durian cake 2day , choong say his come oledi 5 time but oso cant eat it 2. SO SO bad luck 2 him!! (Kesian la)
After finish our lunch we go 1U but Choong say dunno how 2 go liao very very no steady!!So we go wrong way liao than turn back N try 2 go 1U again(start worry coz car wan finish gas liao) So funny!! we saw a sideboard called jalan harapan N we just follow thr way!! Wah is very harapan la coz we find the way 2 1U N see a petrol station can add ngv gas de.(Next time is u lose way can find jalan harapan coz it can give u harapan) Haha
Finally we arrive at 1U than we go find parking. We so lucky coz hav a kind rich ppl give we parking .The richman show we parking when he wan go out liao.We start shopping, we go find my long pants 1st than we saw hk actor Laici,she look pretty 2 (No bad la) After shopping we go find dinner chili bar , japanese restaurant, veitnam food than we last choose is chili bar.when we open menu 1st thing we find the cheap price 1.So so expensive!!we so full la after finish eat it until wan vomit liao! ( duck i think u cant eat it coz u easy vomit la than so waste money)Haha

After finish dinner ,we go back home but when wan pay parking Bad thing happen kit lost parking ticket (So steady guy la) so we go back shop we go b4 n find it but cant la. So nid pay 20 ringgit.Ayoyo so bad lucky .
Story End!!

By: sohu

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沙登仔部落格!! said...

kent: hehe!! i not same as last time ady!! now i wont vomit anymore!! and i wont feel full at all!! dun believe !? treat me next time.. i will show u .. =)